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6:27 PM 10/12/2016 "…That Christ's Vicar May Oppose the Spirit of the World."

4:46 PM 8/16/2016 How Traditional is Your Traditionalism? Part Two.

2:58 PM 8/1/2016 A Conclave is No Place to Shoot Craps.

5:18 PM 2/20/2016 Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians.

10:42 AM 10/27/2015 Do Sacraments Really Exist?

2:01 PM 9/17/2015 How Traditional is Your Traditionalism?

10:52 AM 8/1/2015 Why the Apple Watch Isn't Selling.

11:25 PM 2/19/2015 A Note on the Designation of Days During Lent in the Roman Rite.

1:49 PM 11/20/2014 Chaplain's Intervention at the In-Service Meetings of the WAF. Remembering What We Represent.

12:38 PM 10/7/2014 The State of the Reform: Revisiting Summorum Pontificum.

5:39 AM 1/10/2014 Is the Secular Clergy Inferior?

10:34 AM 3/5/2013 My Balogna Has a First Name, It's E-R-R-O-R: the Histoical Context of Pope Benedict's "Reform of the Reform."

4:41 PM 11/9/2012 The Longing for the Ungoverned Life: Reflections on the 2012 General Election.

11:10 AM 11/8/2012 What's wrong with Natural Family Planning?

1:30 AM 10/19/2012 Everything You Never Wanted to Know about Weight-Loss Surgery.

3:47 PM 7/26/2012 Is It Time to Dust-off the Bound Powers Theory?

12:00 PM 5/31/2012 Twenty-Five Years a Priest.

3:37 PM 3/16/2012 The Bishops' Chickens Coming Home to Roost.

6:10 PM 2/06/2012 What the Catholic Church Really Teaches about Birth Control and Conscience.

9:00 AM 10/24/2011 A Thought on Preaching in the Byzantine Tradition.

6:52 AM 1/23/2011 Liberalism's True Colors: Sexual Liberation's Double Standard.

10:19 AM 4/8/2008 Rewriting History (Because We Get No Respect).

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