Liberalism's True Colors: Sexual Liberation's Double Standard.

Marketing the Business of sin.

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6:52 AM 1/23/2011 — As if television ads for sexual toys and aids aren't offensive enough, it seems they are now being used as subliminal devices of social engineering as well.
     Before proceeding, it should go without saying that I'm a prude by most people's standards. My reaction to a recent magazine ad for a “couples' resort” offended me because the offer was for “married or engaged couples only.” Since when is premarital intercourse no longer sinful if the couple is engaged?
     That being said, we let commercials like the K-Y lubricant ads waft by without blinking an eye: a couple is sitting on the edge of the bed discussing how wonderful their sexual encounters are now that they've started to use the sponsors product; then there's a brief extraneous graphic which is supposed to indicated a sexual activity taking place, followed by the exhausted couple lying in bed. The latest installment, however, while identical to the three others produced before it, pushes the so-called social boundaries of decency even further by having the couple be two women. Exactly what's supposed to be happening during the brief extraneous graphic I guess is left to the imagination: whether it's manual stimulation or oral stimulation or some other constitutionally protected genital activity. The message is clear: homosexual activity is now morally equal to its heterosexual counterpart. I guess the sponsor is not yet comfortable with a commercial featuring two men; though I'm sure their ad executives are debating exactly when they'll be able to get away with it in the near future.
     What I find interesting is the double standard which seems to mar the purity of their liberalism. To date, the commercials have featured, in order, two white couples, an Asian couple and a lesbian couple (with both lesbians being white). So far, we've seen no interracial couple. I'd be interested to ask the advertizing executives what kind of liberalism tolerates lesbianism but not sex between the races. Assuming that, because of the amount of money involved in producing television ads and buying time for them on the networks, months of demographic research goes into the process of producing them, we can only conclude that the research done in preparation for this particular ad campaign indicated that homosexuality is now commercially acceptable, while interracial sexuality is not. The operative question here is: Are the ads being designed to cater to what the sponsor believes is now the acceptable social convention, or are they designed with a dual purpose: to sell a product while, at the same time, attempting to move the goal posts of morality in a certain direction? Given that the product in this case is a sexual aid, the answer is obvious: the company makes more money as traditional notions of sexual morality break down. Of course, there's nothing liberal about an interracial relationship, particularly in marriage. Tbe number of conservatives, including believing and practicing Christians, in interracial marriages grows every year, and that's a good thing—unless you're a liberal, since your stereotype of us is exposed for what it is. But, then again, conservatives have always been more tolerant than the elitists' “my way or the highway” attitude.
     The biggest double standard, of course, is how the campaign flies in the face of the liberal mantra that morality cannot be legislated, that it is inherently personal in nature, and that no one has a right to medal around in my bedroom—that is, unless you're selling something.
     Of course, as a Catholic, I'm condemned to go through life knowing that not a single advertisement, in any form of media, is directed toward me. What a shame that K-Y isn't going to be making any money off me! But I think it's incumbent for us to remember that it wasn't all that long ago, the 1960s in fact, that Sears had to recall thousands of copies of its famous catalog after a nationwide protest. What was the problem? The women modeling the maternity clothes were not wearing wedding rings.