There Will Never Be Peace Among Men until There Is First Peace Within Each One of Them.

The Fourth Tuesday of Easter; the Memorial of Saint Peter Chanel, Priest & Martyr; or, the Memorial of Saint Louis Grignion de Montfort, Priest.

Lessons from the feria, according to the ordinary form of the Roman Rite:

• Acts 11: 19-26.
• Psalm 87: 1-7.
• John 10: 22-30.

The Third Class Feast of Saint Paul of the Cross, Confessor.

Lessons from the proper, according to the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite:

• I Corinthians 1: 17-25.
• Luke 10: 1-9.*

The Feast of the Holy Apostles Jason & Sosipater; the Feast of the Holy Martyrs Dadas, Maximus & Quintillianus; and, the Feast of Our Holy Father Cyril, Bishop of Turov.

Lessons from the pentecostarion, according to the typicon of the Byzantine-Ruthenian Rite:

• Acts 10: 21-33.
• John 7: 1-13.

10:26 AM 4/28/2015 — We've all been disturbed, I'm sure, by the images of unrest and destruction in the city of Baltimore. It may effect me a bit more than you, since I was born in that city and spent a good part of my life there. It's a great city in many ways, both now and in history: it was there that a great council of bishops was held, in three different sessions, in 1852, 1866 and 1884, which, among other things, gave us the clear and concise catechism which bears the city's name, and which guided the religious education of many of us.
     We celebrate today the Memorial of Saint Louis de Montfort, whose writings teach us the nature of true devotion to the Mother of God;—we display his relic in the Holy House Chapel—so, it's appropriate we ask his intercession, as well as that of our Blessed Lady, for this great city and its good people, recalling to mind the words of Saint John XXIII: “There will never be peace among men until there is first peace within each one of them” (Pacem in terris, No. 164).

* In the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite, from Easter Saturday until the end of Paschaltide, the Gradual Psalm is omitted.